About Jagger

10 Things You Should Know About Jagger

1. Jagger likes to sleep in a gigantic green suede beanbag chair, stuffed under his low loft bed, with only 2 inches of head clearance, while wearing noise cancelling headphones, and an eye mask to block out light.

2. Jagger doesn't like fire drills, thunder, the school bus, crowds, elevators, and children who are old enough to talk.

3.  Jagger doesn't like changes in routine. 

4.  Jagger has an amazing vocabulary.  Because of this, he prefers to have conversations with adults.

5. Jagger likes to play video games.  He also likes to read about old gaming systems. He'll tell you everything you want to know (and more!) about the old Atari and Genesis systems.

6.  Jagger doesn't like sports.  He has a difficult time telling where his body is in space. He also has poor muscle control.

7. Jagger randomly tells strangers that his name is George or Ben.

8. Jagger loves to cuddle with his two adorable pug dogs.  He loves to cuddle with his mom too!

9. When I showed Jagger this site, he didn't understand why I created it. Rather than see the humor in the quotes, Jagger's logical mind sees the typos or causes him to relive/defend some of the things he said.  I don't mention the site to him anymore, but continue to post the quotes so we can all have a few laughs and celebrate this unique little boy.

10.  They say Jagger has Asperger's Syndrome.  I say Jagger is Jagger - a very special little guy who brightens my day :)